What are the new features of Windows 8

Before sometime, we wrote about Windows 8 developer’s preview, and now the time has come when Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview soon to be Launched.
Finally, Windows 8 Consumer Preview is going to be released in upcoming days at Mobile World Congress (MWC). The Mobile World Congress will be held on 29 Feb in Barcelona, Spain.

Windows 8

So, In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the tips which needs to be followed while dealing with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview like How you are going to deal with the new beta version of Windows 8, What steps to be followed after downloading the Windows 8 beta version and many more such things.

The minimum hardware configuration required to successfully operate Windows 8 are:

# 1 GHz Processor

# 1 GB and 2 GB RAM for 32- bit and 64-bit OS respectively

# DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 driver

# 16 GB & 20 GB HDD free space for 32-bit & 64-bit OS respectively

Do not install beta version directly into your main working PC, instead install it on the less used system in order to check out its working and features. And in my advice do not try this beta version on Laptops, Tablets or any other devices as PC have generic drivers that will make the system operational. Since it is beta version only so need of experimenting it on your daily working devices.

Also, do not try installing Windows 8 over Windows 7, it is preferred to first format the hard drive and then install a fresh copy of Windows 8. If you still face some problem then it is definitely Windows 8 causing the problem.

Now the Question will arise in your mind: Will Windows 8 install in my system if it does not possess ARM-based motherboard?

As we all know, currently there are very few people who have the possession of ARM-based motherboard. So, do not worry about it as it will not be an issue for you. As it is the beta version it will be easily installed in any latest configured motherboard. So, your PC would easily handle Windows 8 beta version. You will be able to access almost all the features of Windows 8 like Tile interface, reset & refresh feature and other many more new features. Since Windows 8 is touch-centric so its touch screen options will also work but only on Touchscreen monitor.

Update: Here is the link to download windows 8 in different formats.

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why Windows 7 is so famous?

Most of us switched to Windows 7 by now from old age Windows XP. Windows 7 comes with a lot of new and cool features. Other than a nice look and Feel how much new stuff you know about Windows 7?

In this post, we will see more about Windows 7… About some exciting features which were not part of earlier versions of Windows yet.

Windows 7 released on October 22, 2009, and came with a lot of new features. As a first post, it will be just an overview of the features it includes. Upcoming posts will give you a detailed insight of each of them. Don’t forget to put your email Address here so we can notify you about all new articles via Email.

These features and improvements were implemented In windows to make everyday tasks easier and improve the overall windows performance. Note that windows vista was lacking overall performance which was the biggest fall point for Vista.

With Windows 7, the UI is more easy to handle and responsive. it comes with better taskbar and jumps lists for easy access to things we most use. The taskbar has easier ways to manage multiple open windows. Windows search can be accessed directly from start menu search box which helps to locate things on PC including documents and emails as well.

Windows 7 Is designed to be more responsive and faster, it sleeps and resumes faster than ever. Using less memory compared to windows vista it runs faster.it is optimized for better battery life. It has inbuilt ways to watch and enjoy TV, movies, Videos, and music on your computer using media center and Windows media player. support for Homegroup and makes Filesharing between your computers a lot easier. The Device center makes it simple to manage the devices connected to the computer be it a Bluetooth device, a printer or something else. These are just a few examples. The core improvements are listed below. We will share more light on each point in upcoming posts.

What’s new in Windows 7

  • BitLocker Encryption
  • Action center
  • Desktop Slideshow
  • Device Management
  • Homegroup
  • Internet Explorer 8 built-in
  • Start menu and taskbar Jump lists
  • Media Libraries
  • Better Performance
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Problem Step Recorder
  • Reduced disk space utilization
  • Taskbar
  • Windows Backup
  • Exciting Games
  • Built-in support for burning ISO
  • Windows DVD maker.
  • Windows Sidebar
  • Powerful Windows Recovery Environment built in for troubleshooting

Other than these, it comes with nice graphics support.

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